As images plough through our heads does understanding flow through our veins?
Consider the relationship between friend and foe, between light and darkness, between the gestures of rushing cities and those of silent mountains, between that which is heavy.

How do the atmospheric movements of a city during rush hour contrast with the movements of a quiet mountain top, and where do the gestures of these environments meet and resonate?

Where do we, the human element, fit in? What is our role, our duty, our responsibility? What prevailing rituals and ways of acknowledgement do we have to offer in order to support and nourish deep respect? How can we embed this existence; to give our lives meaning where the compliance to state and creed have dissolved and been replaced, often by subconscious discrepancies, gentle addictions and incongruity? What is it in ourselves that need warming up or cooling down?

By opening up such questions, the boundaries between reality and the imagination can be felt, delivering life defining truths. In this distinct convergence is perhaps the engine where the crux of life plays out and we, as humankind find ourselves standing, sensing, perceiving the world around us and our multifaceted inner realms. Through examination, curiosity and understanding, we can but begin.

Ignite the imagination, create courage for intuition....
.... dare to inspire